About  Eudemian is an independent ‘think-tank’ and consulting company which provides governments with analysis and data on values of the Social Welfare Functions that we have invented. Such analysis and data are guides to the formulation of government policy for their countries. The Social Welfare Function measures the degree of reciprocity and redistribution practiced in a country as a community of its citizens. The degree of reciprocity in a society means how well a country’s people are cooperating to mutually benefit each other, to what extent they are sharing the fruits of their labour with each other. Eudemian has discovered that in some countries there is a close positive correlation between the Social Welfare Functions and GDP per capita, in other countries there is surprisingly a strong negative correlation. In the U.S., as shown in Figure 1 under “Research,” there is a strong negative (-0.97) correlation between Social Welfare and GDP per capita. In other, developing countries (e.g., Ecuador), the situation is reversed: there is a strong positive correlation. These results signify differences in economic policies of the countries. For any country Eudemian reports show whether Social Welfare in the country is increasing, decreasing or holding steady. Governments can use such data to defend their policies, insofar as they have produced high or increasing Social Welfare, or to guide future government policies. Eudemian reports attempt to identify government policies that produce increasing values for the Social Welfare Function. was founded by Dr. Robert Gallagher as a real-world application of the research which he has reported in his publications (see “Publications”).